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Honored by: Jennifer Guerrero, Wife

Joe was such a kind and generous person. He enjoyed the opportunity to help someone or teach someone something that would spark a love of learning, especially Science. His coworkers were like our extended family. He enjoyed so much celebrating holidays and birthdays. Joe was a loyal Dallas Cowboy fan(win or lose). He loved super heroes, especially Batman, who had no special superpowers. That meant anyone could be Batman. Most of all he loved his family. Joe is dearly missed and loved by all who knew him.


Honored by: Jose and Teresa Guerrero, Parents

Our son Joe Guerrero was a Chemist and worked at the Aquifer Lab. From a very early age Joe loved science, we remember when he was in Jr. high he was growing black mold in an aquarium for his science project. We also remember him chasing his brother Chris and sister Maria to try to prick their fingers so he could look at it on his microscope. Joe was also in little league baseball and was our hero for catching the last fly ball to win the championship for our team. We have so many beautiful memories of him but the greatest was Joe marring his sweetheart Jennifer and having four beautiful children Joseph, Josiah, Jennifer Rose, JaeLynn. Joseph and his wife Gabby also had our beautiful great grandchildren Joseph Rene and Ella Rose. My son Joe and I also had a sports card shop J&J Baseball cards in 1990-91 it was located next to Gil's Fried Chicken. Yes we have so many wonderful memories of our son Joe. We miss you and love you son. We thank God for the 54 years you were with us and for the wonderful children and grand children from you and Jennifer. Rest In Peace dear son. Until we meet again love you Dad & Mom


Honored by: Maria Yuergens, Sister

My brother was the most kind and helpful person I knew. He was my connection to the past. I miss you big brother, but I know that he is no longer in pain. Life will not be the same without you. Say hi to Chris, our grandparents, uncles, aunts, Big boy, Georgie, Manu and others that welcomed you with open arms. “May flights of Angels take you to thy resting place." Until we meet again. Love your little sister.


Honored by: Terry and Veronica Tijerina, Friends

I remember serving in ministry with Joe, Jennifer and his family. He always had a smile on his face and was a really good friend.

Honored by: Allison R. Lewton, Aunt

Parker brought a smile to everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. I miss you every day Parker. Thank you for being in our lives for the amount of time you were, even thought it was short. We will keep your kindness alive with the Parker Andrew Adams Scholarship Fund.

Honored by: Kathleen Lauren Nobles, Mother

Courtney Nobles was 22 years old and a Senior at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. She was pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Engineering with focus on Nanotechnology. Courtney proudly held a position as a Community Outreach Officer with IEEE (the largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology). 

Courtney loved hard and adored her friends and the San Marcos community. She was caring and made such an impact on so many of her classmates. She was a very bright girl who bloomed into a beautiful pink rose. She loved being goofy at times and spent the rest of her time focused on her studies as an engineering student. She was very passionate about Social Justice and Human Rights including, Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ community and Mental Health.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available 24/7. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text the crisis text line (text HELLO to 741741).

Honored by: Laura Ruiz-Martinez, Aunt and Godmother

Laura Elizabeth Ruiz had a special way of bringing a smile to the face of everyone she met. Lori had an amazing work ethic, which if you know her dad at all, is not surprising at all. After graduating from college and before starting graduate school, she did not take a break like most kids her age would, she got a job at Walgreens and also delivered for door dash. Of course, the stories of her pressing the brake a little too hard to avoid the car that pulled out in front of her and how that made the food slide all over the floorboard were always entertaining.

This is one of the things that was most endearing about Lori. She didn’t think too much of herself. In spite of graduating with a challenging major, getting accepted to graduate school, and being offered a teaching position – she never had an ego and knew her limitations and weaknesses.

One of my favorite memories is a great example of what a goofy lovable person this beautiful young lady could be. A few years ago, her cousin David was explaining to her how to read music. He proceeded to explain that some notes were worth 1 beat, some were 2 beats and others were 4 beats. Further, that some notes could be divided in halves and fourths. At this, she threw up her hands and said, “Aw man, there is MATH in music!”

That is the lovable, unpretentious, vulnerable and beautiful young woman that I will always remember and love.

We all have our special memories of Lori, some that make us smile, others that will always make us laugh. Her Dad has said a number of times since Lori left us that the world will never be the same. It has changed. The sun is not as bright, the clouds seem heavy, and the flowers just don’t smell as sweet without Lori in the world.

Without her sense of humor and the goofy faces she loved making, but one thing I know for sure is that the heavens are brighter now that she is there. The memories that cause us so much heartache today are the same memories that will bring us peace tomorrow.

So, while we no longer have my beautiful, witty Goddaughter in this world, I know in my heart and soul that she is watching over us all.

Hold on to your memories, but not with sadness and tears. Remember the stories that made you laugh, the memories that bring a smile to your face and in time the sun will shine bright again, the clouds will be billowy and light, and when you smell the sweet, sweet smell of flowers, know that having Lori in our hearts makes the sun brighter, the clouds fluffier, and the flowers sweeter.

We love you and miss you Lori!


Honored by: Beth and Larry Ruiz, Parents


Honored by: Michelle Ramirez, Sister

For many people that met or knew Danielle, she was one of the most loving, kind, understanding, and positive individuals they ever met. At 29 years old, She was so many things that many of us strive to become over a lifetime. Her innate kindness and optimistic attitude shined through everything she did and endured, including her two-and-a-half-year cancer battle. Through adversity, heartbreak, loss, and pain, she always found a way to look at the bright side. Danielle even had a hard time winning board games because, as my cousin puts it, “she was incapable of being aggressive or mean”. Danielle also, quite literally, couldn’t hurt a fly.

As her twin sister, I knew her better than anyone, and I have no doubt she would have achieved so much more if she had the chance. Danielle dreamed of being a recreational therapist, so she could help people with disabilities. Her passion was making the world a better place.

We lost a beautiful person too soon, but she will live on in the hearts and memories of all those she touched. I will certainly miss her every day for the rest of my life. I love you, Dani, always.

Honored by: Ruby Wilsford, Granddaughter

My grandmother, Katherine J. Hosch, was an amazing person who took the utmost care for me. Every part of her brought me joy and I cannot thank her enough for all that she did for me while she was alive. If I were given the chance then I could not think of a better moment than being embraced by her. If the world continues to spin without her here then I will continue to grow. I hope that wherever she is right now, she is proud that I am here to continue her legacy.

Honored by: Sonja Curvey, Aunt

My sweet loving niece got her wings on January 4th of this year. In the arms of the Lord. I will forever love and miss you. Rest In Peace my sweet Kennedy. Forever love

Honored by: Michael J. Curvey, Cousin

Kennedy I would like for you to know how VERY PROUD I am of you and the strides that you made in your life. I was able to see you truly grow up and become a responsible and beautiful young lady. You worked so hard to go to college and build a life for yourself. I loved you very much. I will miss our talks . There will be a little less light in the world without you in it.
I Love You Always, Michael

Honored by: Wanda and Roland Curry, Aunt and Uncle

Kennedy, we will miss you dearly

RIP. Love always


Honored by: Michael Cooper Curvey, Uncle

For 22 years I spent with Kennedy, I found her to be one of the most loving, kind, and positive person you could ever want to meet or associate with. My niece was definitely a God sent angel who could find funny and create laughter in virtually all situations. In her own sweet way she possessed and exemplified an open, loving, and giving aura toward everyone. One of her best attributes was her forgiving heart where she didn't harbor any malice toward anyone even if they might have use or abuse her. Kennedy was a lover of all animals and they were so dear to her heart. As a little girl she would want to pet, feed, and care for all for all of my pets and up until her final day she would say Uncle Mike when are you going to get another turtle (Sam) which one of her favorite. One thing I really admired about Kennedy was she loved her entire family and didn't play favorites nor place individuals on different levels due to the lack of or abundance of worldly things. Kennedy could get down to her younger nieces and nephews level and entertain them for hours. She would take her own volition and frequently call her nephews and nieces and have fun with them but always encourage them to study hard and always follow instructions . Kennedy was a strong willed woman who upon graduation from high school desired to improve her chances in life. She selected and was accepted to Texas State University to pursue a degree in Marketing where she worked hard which landed her on the Dean's List in her Junior and Senior year. Kennedy transition on January 4th and gained her wings. Time appeared to stop to stop and my heart skipped a beat which knocked a hole in my heart. The bible teaches us that when you were absent from the body, we graduate and become present with the Lord. Truly God's Grace and Mercy were extended to Kennedy's Family that day. Words can never express the gratitude our family extend to the Deans, and Administrative staff at Texas State for all you provided to Kennedy and our entire family. Thanks FROM THE KENNEDY WILLINGHAM FAMILIES

Honored by: Adrienne Coleman, Sister

Caleb was the type of person you went to when you needed to be reminded of the good things in life, he was those things. Caleb was everything good in the world, I genuinely believe that. It’s hard to describe him in words because there are no words that would do enough justice and show you how amazing my brother was. He’s taught me so many things throughout life and the biggest one that I think of everyday is you have to do what makes you happy. Caleb was the type of person you came to if you wanted to chill out and laugh, but he was also the most intelligent person I’ve ever met in my life. His drive to do well and follow his dreams is what motivates me to do the same. He will continue to live on in our hearts, our dreams, and in everything he has contributed to the world. Caleb will forever be missed by me and everyone else’s lives that he touched.

Honored by: Moses G Verbena, Father

Sydney - our daughter - someone who we loved very deeply - someone who all of us loved - is gone and the life we have because of her, has broken into a million pieces.

As for me, her father, I’ve gone from feeling hope and strength because of her, to wishing this ending as just a bad dream. She had just started one of her most exciting and happiest adventures of her life here at Tx State. But now, all I feel like is I’m all alone in the middle of an ocean.

These past 7 1/2 months since we lost you has been painful to say the least. But more than anything, we’ve felt an overwhelming sadness in our loss.

Sydney was a beautiful person inside and out. She loved her grandparents, step-parents, her brothers, her niece, her many cousins, and especially her very close friends. And more so, she knew that the love she felt from her parents was unconditional.

Sydney was kind, sensitive, strong-minded, and brave. She selflessly loved and helped others who felt alone or needed hope to go on. She was always available to make others feel comfortable and special. But in her short 18 years with us, she herself felt sad, alone, and hurt. Maybe that’s why our Savior Jesus Christ took her. He knew she was in pain and his love for all of us took her with him. Her peace has protected her and given us all hope.

Sweetie, we have walked with you as far as we can go. We know that you are safe now and without any pain. We know that we will never again say goodbye.


Mom and Dad

Honored by: Mary Brennan, Friend

With the passing of Dr. Elizabeth Makowski on September 7, 2021, the Department of History at Texas State University lost a valued colleague and friend, a superb scholar, and an inspiring teacher beloved by her students. As a scholar, Liz focused exclusively on medieval nuns and their various challenges. Her scholarly books were ground-breaking, well-researched, scholarly, and yet readable. Her scholarship was rewarded in 2010 when she was named the inaugural Ingram Professor of History. After publishing her last historical study of nuns, canon law, and lawyers, Liz turned to writing fiction and completed The Case of the Reluctant Novice: A Mother Phillipa Mystery, a novel was published by Amazon on August 29, 2021. Liz was also a remarkable teacher of the history Medieval Europe, who endeared herself to her students and earned the respect of her colleagues for her excellent teaching. Students loved her enthusiasm, her humor, and her ability to help them see worlds with which they were unfamiliar. She challenged students and they appreciated it. Colleagues remember Liz’s kindness, gentle nature, and eagerness to assist her fellow faculty and staff. Other colleagues made reference to Liz’s wit and sense of humor.

I will never forget her delivering her Ingram Professor lecture, talking about her recalcitrant nuns. That lecture was typical Liz: smart, intellectual, witty, and yet understandable to non-specialists. I think that was why she was such a successful teacher. She was able to take complex ideas and distill them in such a way that undergraduates ‘get it.’

Liz was an exceptional mother to her daughter, Maggie, whom she adored. She thought being a mother was her greatest challenge and greatest achievement.

Honored by: Cindy Dean, Sister

I was so fortunate to have spent time with my sister, Sylvia, the day prior to her major medical issue which would ultimately take her life. Sylvia's life was not an easy one. She was bullied in school. She lost her husband in a motorcycle accident early in her marriage. She was a single parent, and she dealt with diabetes. Despite her struggles, Sylvia never lost her smile and she will be remembered for her kindness and gentle ways. She loved panda bears, speaking French, the Fall season, watching Disney classics, reading the Twilight and Harry Potter series of books, and playing the piano. Her greatest joy was being grandma to her precious granddaughters, Lily and Cece. I miss you so much, Sylvia!

Honored by: Bertina Ramirez, Mother

Sydney Brandilyn Verbena was a funny, witty, intelligent and highly gifted young lady. She had dimples that you could swim in, eyes that pierced the soul and hair so full of beautiful curls, most couldn’t help to be envious just looking at it. With all of her outward beauty, what people remember of my beautiful girl the most, was her great big, giving heart. Sydney had a fighting spirit and she used it for so much good. There was no cause too small or big that she didn’t tackle head on. She was a whole lot of pow in a cute and tiny package. She had a caring nature even after she was gone. Sydney lived her short 18 years of life with mostly smiles on her gorgeous face. She fought the good fight, but now she’s resting in eternal peace. I imagine my girl eating all of the spicy ramen possible, while dancing and flashing her 1000 watt smile waiting until she’s with her family and friends once more. I pray those who never got to meet my Sydney get a glimpse of what a beautiful soul graced us, for far less time than we would’ve wished for, and just how amazing she was. Forever in our hearts, our Sydney, “DeeDee”, “Dance Captain”, “Law Magnet Student”, “Smile Maker”, “Lover of People” and “All Around Beautiful Human”. We will continue to tell the world about you through our words and actions. Living to be the bigger person, as you showed me to be, with honor, forever and always, your Mom aka Queen. Rest easy my Princess

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